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From the “Sweet Things by Julie” kitchen to yours, we make it easy for you to share our delicious pies and scones. Bake our tender scones to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee. Pull a pie from the freezer, put it in your oven and sit back while the heavenly aroma fills your home. Our delicious fudgy brownies can be found at several restaurants in the Columbia Gorge.


My name is Julie Vance and I began my business in 2005. I offered fresh baked pies for sale and after a few years I added frozen pies for my customers to bake at home at their convenience. Eventually I added frozen scones to my product list along with the brownies. The pies and scones are sold in the freezer cases of select markets in the Pacific Northwest.


I make everything now the same way I did then, from scratch, one small batch at a time. I am proud of my sweet things and you can be confident that each pie, scone or brownie will be my best. It has my name on it, Sweet Things by Julie.


509-637- 5636